Summary of Act 3

It has finally happened. After all of the planning, betrayal, and murder, I am finally the king! So much has happened, and strangely, none of this eases my worry. I have this awful feeling in my gut that my dear old friend, Banquo, might know just a little bit too much about what i have done. We may have been close and had some good times, but none of that matters now. He must be murdered along with his young son, Fleance. I don’t want anyone else taking my throne. It’s MINE and always will be! I make sure that Banquo can make it to my special banquet tonight and then it’s time to plot with the murderers.. They are a little hesitant about killing the young boy, but after some persuading, they have no problem committing the crime. The plan is to kill them while they are on their long horseback ride Banquo was explaining to me earlier.

Now, as always, there is the worries of my lady to attend to. Before the banquet I find her distressed about everything that we did. I explain to her that there is still more to be done, that there are still threats to the throne that must be eliminated. Without telling her exactly what is going to be done, I tell her that some dark deed is going to take place this night. When I enter the dining room, I find one of the murderers waiting at the edge of the room. I couldn’t wait to hear the good news so I promptly strode over to him. What I heard was really not so comforting. Yes, Banquo may have been killed, but his son, Fleance, fled and still lives, threatening my throne all the more. I am turning back to take my seat at the head of the table when I run into a new problem; Banquo is sitting in my seat! He is bloody and obviously dead, but he is still there, and now I feel a wave of rage sweep over me. I start to converse with him, dismiss him, and I find myself totally oblivious to my guests who have started to rise from their seats, worried about my health. I don’t notice that my lady is trying to calm all of them down. It takes my wife’s sharp voice in my ear to snap me back to reality. The ghost diminishes before me and I take my seat. Then the ghost appears again and this time I am shouting at him, completely horrified with his¬†existence¬†at my table, in my house! My wife tells everyone to leave and the ghost leaves for the last time..

After a quick talk with Lady Macbeth, it is clear what needs to be done: first I must go to the Weird Sisters again and ask them about my future and then I must prepare for war! No one is going to take my throne! Not even the king of England can ruin what is now mine.



6 thoughts on “Summary of Act 3

  1. You had all the info from the act, and it flowed nicely. I liked how you explained that Macbeth was ignorant of everything that was going on at the banquet when Banquo was there.

  2. Wow Beth all that emotion and so descriptive as well. It was filled with emotions and facts it was the truth as Macbeth would see it. This was clearly well planned out and seemed to be a bit more interesting than the play itself. The play has emotions but not this obvious. It helped sum up the act quite nicely.

  3. Great blog just in general. The emotion that was thrown around, mixed feeling about the entire act was fabulous. It was interesting to see how you portrayed Macbeth. Well done.

  4. I love how well detailed your blog is and how through your writing you show how Macbeth is feeling. Great job <3

  5. I really liked your blog and how you included every little detail. I also agree alot with all the other comments. GOOD WORK

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